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Monday, January 19, 2009

This Person Probably Voted for Obama

CNN, the bastion of quality news stories such as this, decided to showcase a mother hiding a terrible secret from her son.

I say this person probably voted for Obama because of stuff like this from the opening paragraph of the story:

The moment I saw that guinea pig's corpse, I made up my mind. I would not tell my son Checkers was dead ... at least not that night. Drew had five tests within the next two days. I wasn't going to let grief jeopardize his grades.

It occurs to me that only a liberal, of the type to fawn over Obama in the way some religious followers fawn over their respective deity, would think that another person was incapable of handling what they perceive to be a tough situation without some sort of intervention on their (the mom's) part. I can understand it might have been motherly over-protection, but for crying out loud let your kids grow up! We don't mature without adversities to overcome in our lives and this kid will face things a lot harder in life than his pet dying. The little things like that prepare him for the bigger things later on-- like the death of a parent (which she definitely won't be telling him about).

I may be wrong on this one, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if she did vote for Obama since some of his policies involve, among other things, "being his brother's keeper" whether his brother wants him to or not.



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