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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hamas v. Israel: ONLY ON PAY PER VIEW!

So the latest incursion into sovereign Arab lands by the warmongering Jews has left hundreds of poor innocents dead by the hand of the Israelis for no good reason whatsoever.

At least, that's what impression you get from all the hoopla about what has been going on in the Gaza strip lately.  I think it begs remembering that the Israelis VOLUNTARILY pulled out of Gaza several months (and over a year) ago as a part of the peace process.  How were they rewarded for this? Mortar tubes and rocket platforms were moved closer in and attacks purposefully against civilian targets continued unabated.  Now that that the Israelis are fighting back and taking an offensive position, "violence against Palestinians" is back in the news and all the media is enjoying talking about how this will hurt America's image abroad etc.  I doubt that's really a concern for us at this point, but I digress.

Bottom line: One can't help but think there is some kind of underlying anti-Semitism going on in the media when Arabs bomb schools and churches (synagogues, I know) with the intent of killing unarmed civilians doesn't make news, but Israelis incidentally bombing schools and churches (mosques, I know) as collateral damage against MILITARY targets is somehow evil and requiring the UN to do what they do best: write very strongly worded letters politely asking everyone to stop fighting.

It's because these terrorists use schools and churches (mosques, I know) as cover for themselves that these places are now being "attacked" by the Israelis.  If I remember my Geneva conventions correctly, non-military targets stop being non-military targets when they are used for military purposes, i.e. militants putting a weapons cache in a school or zoo. 

But then, why would the media want to bother with anything as un-sales worthy as the truth or perspective when they can doctor photos and concentrate on how many civilians Israel is killing rather than why they might be so pissed off?

Luckily, Israel is sending and envoy to Egypt to broker some kind of deal to halt the importation of arms and explosives into Palestine which, had the democratically elected terrorist group been more proactive about, could have prevented this whole thing.

As far as I'm concerned, the blood of all those innocents in Palestine is on the hands of Hamas-- not Israel.



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