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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Some Things to Expect with the New Administration

I was thinking about things that we could expect with the new administration below.

1. Talk of America being a racist country, from such places as Iran or China, can no longer be made.

2. Socialist policies that create stagnating innovation and substandard healthcare that will quickly throw the country into a new level of debt as people "work the system" for their freebies from the government.

3. No more blaming by the media on Republican policies causing problems in the country.

4. An end to American troops abroad (read: Afghanistan/Iraq) which is either good or bad depending on your point of view.  Instead, we will have many "negotiators" to give magic arguments to bloodthirsty, theocratic dictators that will show them the error of their ways and change their policies.

5. Business will be run into the ground and the stock market will fall even further once point two has been implemented.

A country where success is punished and business is killed, where the country is made impotent by our leadership's policies.  A place where the leadership's reluctance to use force to enforce the country's will will encourage our enemies and leave us vulnerable to attack. A place that will encourage disparagement in people and provide them hand outs instead of hand-ups. If we thought things were bad before, just wait... that's what I call hopenchange.



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