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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Left 4 Dead Sucks

This is more a venting than anything else.  It isn't that I have any real problems with the game itself; in fact, I rather enjoy it.  I like the AI, the surprises and the wholesale slaughter of the undead.

What I DON'T like about the game is that I bought a DVD at Best Buy that apparently does nothing  but point you to the download site.  Apparently all I was really buying was the software key inside the  box.  Upon inserting the disc to install, I was taken to the steam app, which I already installed for the demo, to install the game!  So assuming the steam servers aren't inundated with download requests, it should only be a matter of mere hours to get to play the game you bought that was presumably already on the DVD-- but not.  That was one.

Also, barring problems with your network, the download should go smoothly.  Again, if the game were on the disc that accompanied the key, this wouldn't be a problem or even a concern!  For the life of me, I can't understand the logic of Valve studios making people download the content versus putting no more than a setup bootstrap, to download the game, on a DVD. That's two.

Finally, if Steam isn't up to date, it conveniently crashes to let you know it isn't running the latest-- whatever it is Steam runs on.  Then when you try to get back into Steam, it continually tries updating before allowing you back in.  Unfortunately you then have to go into the Steam folder in explorer and delete the .blob file that keep making it check the same busy server over and over again before it will try updating elsewhere.  This was strike three for me.  I've already sunk the money into the game so I must continue until I have zombie killing goodness at my fingertips-- but buyers beware!

Oh, and suck it Steam. You guys suck too for making me wait 6 hours to play a game I bought ON A DVD!!!



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