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Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the Name of Unity

Why is it that when liberals win high political offices, we hear about "now it's time to heal the country and put partisan hatreds aside?" On top of that, why do we usually hear nothing but "liberals tried to reconcile with conservatives, but the conservatives would not hear their arguments?"

It seems that since the media is so biased toward left-leaning ideologies the onus is on the conservatives to defend their point of view.  Maybe prominent conservatives should challenge the assumptions of their interviewers more and learn to control the media and their biases by exposing them with questions challenging their original views that led to the question asked.

An example of this is something like O'Reilly did the other night being interviewed by his old college professor.  I loved this interview, because he was so clear on what he was saying and easily "nailed" (as Colbert would say) this lefty professor and his flawed logic.

Anyway, I hope more interviews should happen like this with conservatives and not just "traditional thinkers."



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