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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Last Post

This will be my last post as I am leaving for Iraq tomorrow. The Army's new policy-- according to our company's security rep, is that blogs are no longer authorized for soldiers deployed. Being the example to my Soldiers I am expected to be, I will not post anymore on this blog until my return in late October of 2008.

The reason for this new policy is because evidently some idiot Lieutenant (don't look at me!) decided to post details about his convoys and how the insurgents were messing it up. Well lo and behold, the insurgents learned from the mistakes they didn't know they were making and several of his Soldiers died. Now he is in prison for the deaths of those Soldiers. Like any other example story, we don't know if it's just a wives tale to scare us all into doing the Army's bidding or if it actually happened. Regardless, I'd rather not take the chance... plus I don't want to have to deal with having to discipline a soldier for breaking the rules if I'm not following them myself.

For those who know me, you will be informed about what I'm up to, but I will not discuss operational details with you. I am looking forward to seeing the states again and coming home from a successful mission deployed.

Thank you to all who have read my blog over the years and I hope you'll still be around next year when I return.


Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Latest Observances

So I thought I would post about something that's been bothering me lately. It came about reading stories regarding global warming and environmentalism... to a lesser extent, reporting on Islamic terrorism.

Disregarding the fact that the media shapes public discourse all the time-- coloring it towards the left more often than not-- why do politicians think they have to do something? More than that, they feel they need to have "the greatest" plan or "the most comprehensive" plan? The result is more often than not unrealistic goals placed on businesses (and the country) that inflate government power and intrusion. There's one of those inspirational picture poster things where I'm working that says "It's amazing what people can accomplish when nobody cares who gets the credit." Our political scene should be the same way. Instead of constantly fighting and bickering between party lines, perhaps a little perspective on the issues of the day.

Marriage, by definition of separation of church and state, is not something open to be defined by our government. However, the question is then how does our government maintain an accurate census or know how much each person owes in taxes or other rights and privileges afforded to married couples? These are the principle questions regarding recognizing same-sex unions. Given the central ideas of individual freedom, it should be "self-evident" that should people decide to share their finances and individual liberties as married couples do, that should be their right. So what if a man wants his male lover to visit him in the hospital? Is that such a bad thing? The question of whether or not gays should be married is one to be decided by people's respective churches.

Environmentalism is another topic of great contention in today's political scene. When a poll comes out saying people think global warming is just being over exaggerated, all we see in the news is all the latest evidence that it is happening (while ignoring the evidence that shows it isn't). I blame media bias squarely for the rhetoric in the political scene regarding this issue. As a conservative, people should want to be environmentally sound because it reduces our dependence on foreign support as well as increasing our own national security. As liberals, people want environmental responsibility because it will save some mouse or bug nobody really cares about anyway. Either way, the idea is to work to be more environmentally sound with conservation as well as energy production. This includes wind power, solar power, water power, nuclear power, ethanol and vegetable oil. In one way, it is a good thing that gas prices are going up because it makes those other sources closer to being more economical than the status quo. Giving government subsidies to research new fuel sources that can be sustainable, clean, as well as domestic, are in the country's best interest. Again, as a conservative this is good because it reduces our dependence on foreign energy (and increases our national security) and as a liberal it's good because, well, it's big government and it takes away pollution that may or may not (probably not) irreparably damage the earth.

Terrorism has been a huge issue since 9/11. Because 99% of terrorists are Muslim males from the Middle East between the ages of 18 and 45, perhaps they should be the ones we concentrate on instead of old ladies from Florida or Medal of Honor recipients. Yes this is racial profiling, but this is a measure that must be taken to ensure the safety of the masses. The main argument for this is that Muslim/Arab rights are being violated somehow. In fact, submitting to a search is voluntary (it's in the constitution). Perhaps Muslim rage should be directed at those causing us to create these unwelcome stereotypes instead of trying to tell us in the west to be ashamed for calling it how we see it.

Finally, illegal immigration has surfaced in the same vein of people coming to our country just to cause chaos and damage. People should not be rewarded for breaking the law. It goes counter to the entire idea of law. The problem now is that politicians (and enforcers)have always been willing to look the other way for so long that now simply solving the problem by deporting illegals won't do. Instead they have become their own political force leeching off the government for which they have no respect. As hard and painful for the country as it will be, illegals should be deported, business owners who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be heavily fined and their assets liquidated-- owners possibly jailed for a minimum sentence term. Illegals who give birth here are usually the next question on people's minds. Here's my solution to the "birth question:" give the children American passports and dual citizenship, deport them with their illegal parents/guardians and allow them back into America when they turn 18... if they choose.

If politicians were more involved in finding real solutions instead of only caring about keeping their office, a lot more good could get done-- not to mention less concentration on which party is in power. Most people recognize this today, I think, given their approval rating is less than 20%. What is really needed are people willing to stand up and change these things: politician in their shrewdness, and activist in their passion. The underlying idea for anyone leading in our government should be two-fold: first, the founding documents are not suicide pacts, and second, that the Country comes before anything else while they are in office. I'm confident people like this exist, the trick is for them to just step up to the plate.