Alpine Summit

Monday, June 11, 2007

Who CAIRs?

CAIR's membership has plummeted 90% since 9/11 and has relied on the kindness of a handful of "fat cows" for its annual budget.

Being a huge critic of Islam in general, I'm actually happy to see that American Muslims are distancing themselves from this terrorist-sympathizing group. I am glad to see that many who were members are finally seeing CAIR for what it is: a shill for terrorism and Islamic militancy.

As much as I rail against Islam and its adherents, it's only fair I make special notice of Muslims making a step in the right direction. I've said before that the onus to present Islam as a mainstream "religion of peace" is on its adherents... not its skeptics, and I'm glad to see them finally taking a stand (for what it's worth) like this.