Alpine Summit

Monday, May 14, 2007

An Historic Weekend

This past weekend I went to what is called the historic triangle to celebrate the anniversary of the first permanent settlement in the new world: Jamestown. It has been four centuries since those first explorers first set foot on Powhatan land and began the first of many tenuous relationships with indians as well as the beginning of slavery in the colonies several years later.

Having toured the several areas, especially Jamestown, the slave oppression as well as the culture clash between the indians and settlers, are well represented. The museums are neither liberal apologist centers to describe how the evil white man came to oppress the peaceful, loving nature lovers of the new world, nor do they dismiss these events as anything but history.

With that said, I should also mention that I have never been to Iraq (yet) and that I have also heard the refrain "it's just not like they say in the media" by MANY servicemen who have been deployed. I now have a good idea of what they mean when I read this story and the many like it.

Out of the (I say) thousands of people at this event, the media showcases stories about 50 protesters whining about slavery when this fact was NEVER denied and in fact wholly embraced as part of the festivities. There is even an African-American advisory council for the event!

In fairness though, only 92 results came up from Google for the protest and over 3,000 came up for Bush giving the generally same blurb about his speech. Still, covering 50 protesters for an event that thousands of people generally celebrate? Give me a break.