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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

France is Having Elections

France is looking for a new president again (thanks to us, I might add). I've been reading a lot of stories posted on Drudge Report and seeing clips on Fox News. My question is "so what?" France is a worthless country nobody cares about-- except the French, and even then not really.

Is France a strategically important country?


Is France important to international relations with other countries in the region?

No. In fact it probably helps to distance yourself from the most hated country in Europe.

Does France contain any natural resources or industries making them exclusively important to any other country's stable functioning?


The only thing going for France is its nuclear capabilities and will in all likelihood be the one to sell nukes to Iran (read: "Terrorists"), ignoring Russia for a moment, if they don't figure how to make them first.

So again, who cares about France? Least of all who's running it? I wrote off France a long time ago and really couldn't care less about this story.

That being said, anytime a communist is defeated is a good thing for not just the world, but for the country... not to mention those pesky things like human rights.