Alpine Summit

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Baby Mail

Japan has opened its first (possibly of many) baby mailbox. The design is that a parent too cowardly to murder their child before birth and even more cowardly to own up to the life they have created, can dump their child off at a hospital.

I have two questions about this concept. If this is such an acceptable alternative and should be embraced (according to advocates of this idea), then why must it provide anonymity to the parents if there's nothing wrong with it? I believe it has to do with what Ravi Zacharias calls "the haunting spectre of guilt."

My second question is how can a society degrade the value of a human life so much that people could think dumping a kid off in what I will hence forth call a "baby dumpster" is a good idea in the first place? I find it incredibly sad.

Upon learning she is pregnant, a woman has several months to figure out what she wants to do with the life growing inside of her. Now, the people of lesser moral scruples will simply murder the child as a principle and get on with life. Those with misguided morals might choose to still murder the child, but regret the decision later (or even during the abortion). Those who have the moral courage to admit their mistake in even choosing to take the risk of having sex in the first place will decide to either keep the child or give it up for adoption to a loving couple of her choice. Only the ones with truly misguided moral principles could think that murdering a child will atone for their fornication.

As an aside, it's my personal opinion that the man should have a say in what happens to the child too. Some might say that's not fair since it's the woman who has to carry the child to term, but that's why a child is what should be created by two people who love each other and have voluntarily linked their lives together for the rest of their lives.