Alpine Summit

Thursday, May 03, 2007

AR 530-1 Paragraph 2-1(g)

What are one of the fronts in which the terrorists have a strong foothold? PR is the answer.

Blackfive has a good roundup of one of the newest regulations regarding OPSEC (Operational Security) for the Army. It involves requiring approval by commanders of any communications by soldiers through public online forums "including but not limited to" email and blogs.

In a situation where the media is decidedly against the military and its mission to project American power on its enemies; putting a muzzle on soldiers on the front lines who are usually the only positive news people can hear, is bad policy.

Not only that, but how will this affect the morale of the troops who now have to clear their private family conversations with someone?

Lets go over this: 15 month deployments, online muzzles... why join the Army again?

I joined the Army to see if it could be something I can make a career out of. Right now I'm really leaning towards 'no' if it means having to give up every single one of my rights. I know that sounds self-centered, but there's always a point you have to say the cost is too much.