Alpine Summit

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hippies of Latin America

I read this story about Bush planning a tour of Latin America. Naturally there were protests from the stupid people. I found two things interesting-- one more than the other. First, Hugo Chavez having an "anti-imperialist" rally. I find this interesting because it's coming from a man who has wrested dictatorship powers from the (formerly) free hands of his (now) subjects. Second was the last paragraph of the story:

Among those participating in Thursday's protests were environmentalists and social groups who oppose the biofuels project, fearing that Brazil may clear pristine jungle to ramp up sugarcane cultivation. Greenpeace activists hung a huge banner warning against increased reliance on ethanol as an alternative fuel on a monument to 17th century Portuguese explorers and conquerors.

Environmentalists are now complaining that biofuels, something we were told was a better alternative to gasoline, is now a bad thing because it might lead to jungles getting cut down. What I find interesting is that nobody thought about this before now; so what changed? The fact that ethanol is becoming a more viable alternative to gasoline. Flex fuel cars (especially in Brazil) have proven to help not just pollution, but also fuel costs to consumers. Not only that, but flex fuel cars were introduced (in Brazil) because of an outcry from the environmentalists in the first place!

We only hear complaining about biofuels now; when capitalists embrace them and people are able to make that all-too-evil of endeavors, profit, on the hippies' terms. I can't imagine the kind of frustration that must make them feel.