Alpine Summit

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Flying Imams Just Another Front

Michelle Malkin has spoken often on the case of the group of Muslims arrested for suspicious behavior, the so called "flying Imams," quite a bit lately

What I think is going on is another front in the GWOT. Muslim terrorists have always counted on using our freedoms against us. Ideally we would declare marshall law and completely cinch down on the population the way Islamic theocracies in the middle east do, according to the terrorists. In the same way terrorists hoped we would surrender our freedoms to protect our lives, I think they are hoping we will surrender our vigilance to protect our savings accounts on threat of being sued.

If I recall, each of these Imams were tied to charity organizations found to have terrorist ties. Is it such a stretch to think they are merely fighting with our own courts as weapons now? It's obvious they intended to act suspicious for just this scenario to happen so they can now instill in us a fear, terror if you will, that if we assert ourselves against terrorist threats, we will get hurt one way or another.