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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Finally, A Victory For Our Constitution!

I know this story is already a little stale, but it's the type of story on which I just have to comment.

Before 9/11 we (Americans) were more concerned about other petty issues like social security, education, or just the latest hippie mad because nobody listens to all their "great" ideas.

While people still care about all the above issues (excluding the latter), what has become foremost in the mind of Americans since 9/11 has become terrorism. The issue I most cared about, and care second most now, is our first right: the second amendment.

So imagine my glee to hear that a 30 year old law, unconstitutional since the day it was made was finally struck down.

George Lyon says he wants a gun in his home because it's his constitutional right. Tom Palmer says he used a gun to ward off a beating. And Gillian St. Lawrence says her shotgun is useless because it has to be unloaded and have its trigger locked.

They are among the six city residents who successfully challenged the District's long-standing gun law, winning a major ruling Friday in a case that could reach the Supreme Court. The three men and three women share a strong desire to keep guns legally in their homes in what they say is a violent city.

The interesting thing about this is that despite Washington, D.C. being one of the most dangerous cities in America since this law's inception, people still argue that giving law-abiding citizens access to their second amendment rights is too dangerous.

D.C. officials contend that easing the gun ban will put citizens at an even higher risk of crime and say they will appeal the decision. An appeal would be likely to delay any change to the law. Officials maintain that the gun law is just as important as when it was enacted 31 years ago. Even with a ban, guns are used in more than 80 percent of the city's homicides, and police are struggling to get them out of the hands of criminals: More than 2,600 were seized last year.

A law was enacted 30 years ago and they are STILL seizing guns? But if it's illegal, why do criminals still have guns in this city and why aren't they obeying the law? Oh that's right, because they're CRIMINALS! It always makes me happy when enemies of this country (foreign AND domestic) and our constitution suffer a defeat.

The fight is hardly over, but it's well underway and hopefully this will rally others to strike more laws from the books. I sincerely hope that this issue can be finally put to bed in my lifetime. Such a simple problem is hardly worth the wasted time fighting for given our current situation. People need to just come to terms with the fact that owning a firearm in America is a RIGHT and that gun laws do nothing but bind the hands of the law-abiding.