Alpine Summit

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cry Babies

After returning from PT this morning, I was watching Fox and Friends and they mention Time's latest issue with a crying Reagan to advertise the article "How the Right Went Wrong."

Their question was not on the substance of the article (which was dismissed out of hand); but on the picture of Reagan on the cover. It shows a close up picture with a tear added to the picture. Apparently people are taking offense that someone dare desecrate the picture of Reagan.

I haven't read the article but can only assume it talks about how Republicans drool and Democrats rule. Regardless, why are people making such a big deal about Time adding a tear to Reagan? They're making a statement with the edited picture that Reagan would cry if he saw the direction his party has gone the last few years.

I took this to be an honor to Reagan because Time, while not exactly the example of "objective," is making a statement with their cover holding Reagan up as the ideal right winger. I certainly have no problem with that.

Also, if the Republican party is the party of ideas, we should be more concerned with the content of the article than the picture accompanying it.