Alpine Summit

Monday, December 18, 2006

Socialized Medicine is Bad for Everyone

I saw this video blog about yet another victim of the one payer medical care system in Canada. Touted by people like Michael Moore and Hillary Clinton as being more compassionate, the reality of socialized (government run) medical care is far from that claim.

Enter Mr. Lindsay McCreith; an Ontario resident who had a malignant, cancerous brain tumor. Luckily he was able to get the surgery he needed--in the U.S. As the video shows in Mr. McCreith's own words in conjunction with his wife, the Canadian government was telling them to wait for 4 months just to get an MRI. That was the first round.

After contacting a medical broker, the McCreith's were able to get an appointment--and were seen-- in 24 hours. Next came the surgery. The MRI showed a growth in Mr. McCreith's brain and the Canadian government was again telling him to wait for his life-saving surgery. How long? Three months this time.

Under Canadian law, you are not allowed to pay for your health care. You MUST go through the government. Luckily for Mr. McCreith, he left his country and got much better health care. Sure he had to pay for it, but at least he got it in time; which is the whole point behind semi-capitalist medical care.

Luckily for Mr. McCreith, his wife's father had just passed away and they had the money to afford this EEEVIL KKKAPITALIST form of health care. I can't help but wonder what dubious circumstances under which her father died.

My question is how can such insanity be allowed to continue under a government that claims to be looking out for its citizens? To me, this just seems like a veiled attempt at population control under the guise of helping people. Of course who will be spearheading efforts for socialized medicine here in the U.S.? Why, none other than Sen. Clinton and company. Perhaps we should question the motive behind Sen. Clintons obviously hateful-towards-people-with-money plan. When you hear liberals on the TV talking about how much good socialized medicine will do for people in this country, remember Mr. McCreath.