Alpine Summit

Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Traffic is a Nightmare!

I just took a quick trip up to Washington, DC (or so I thought) and left at about 2:30. It took me about 2.5 hours to get to DC which is about par for the trip time my GPS was telling me. On the way BACK to Colonial Heights, I left a little after 5 and just now got back at 9:05. The trip is 130 miles and should not have taken that long. Luckily I had nowhere to be tonight so it wasn't a big deal that it took me two hours to go 30 miles. That doesn't mean it was any less of a hassle, though. Ugh. Not only was the traffic just absolutely ridiculous, it rained the entire way up and back.

Now I'm chillaxin' in the hotel drinking a beer and waiting for my dinner. Oh yeah, I haven't eaten since noon. Forgot to mention that little detail.

The reason I had to go up for a "quick" trip was to give original documents to the car dealership where I bought my new car to get it registered in Virginia and hence, plated so I won't have temp tags. It turns out that what I thought was a hassle, might actually save me money. When I transferred my insurance over to Virginia from Colorado, my rate quote went down by almost $100/6 months! In addition, I only have to pay some ownership tax instead of all these socialist fees required by the state because I'm military. So that was a pretty sweet deal.

Anyway, I'm going to eat my dinner and go to bed because I need rest.

On an unrelated note, you wouldn't believe all the leftist bumper stickers I saw. It seemed like every other car had a rainbow in the shape of any host of images (i.e. butterflies), or Kerry Edwards stickers, or "I love my country but I fear my government" stickers." I reminded me I should probably get a "U.S. Army sticker for my new car, but I might get run off the road being so close to all these liberals.