Alpine Summit

Friday, December 29, 2006

Great Issue

So I went out and bought the latest issue of Maxim because it featured my American Idol: Lacey Chabert. She's been out of the spotlight for quite a while and can be seen in her latest movie: "Black Christmas." A movie that gets reviews like this.

The acting is not bad enough, for the most part, and that's to the determent of the film. The fact that the gals in the victim pool have so much experience as child stars make Mann and Friss look horrible by comparison.

When your acting is the only good thing to say about a film and it turns out to make the film worse, you can be fairly sure you haven't put out a top-quality product. Anyway, the magazine itself is a really good issue if you like "man news" and you should get it.

Anyway, Christopher Hitchens had a great column a few pages after the Lacey spread that I thought was very interesting. He tends to overstate the problem, but is very articulate when he opines about the sorry legal state of America these days.

The anecdote goes that, being an older gentleman with a "salt and pepper beard," Hitchens was outraged that he would be carded by the bartender. It turns out that another older gentleman filed an age discrimination complaint against the bar because HE wasn't being carded. Of course, he won the case. So now, as is often the case these days, something NOBODY had a problem with for years before, and something that might actually make people feel better about growing older, has been ruined by one person. Hitchens does mention that it isn't just the crotchety old man's fault though.

This situation, as with many other situations like this, are the fault of not just the judge but also the trial lawyer who prosecuted the case. This is exactly the sort of think John Edwards has done in his life and is part of the reason he is building a $3 Million dollar house. Remember that the next time he starts talking about "Two Americas" because he is most assuredly in the "haves" category.