Alpine Summit

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Playing Stations of Absurdity

So I was in Best Buy the other night and noticed the PS3 demo. The game they chose, some off-road racing game, really makes me think that the low low price of even $599 really isn't worth the money.

For that kind of money they should first of all have a better demo that demonstrates the awesome graphics. My opinion is that the graphics for computer systems is reaching some kind of plateau. For $599 the graphics are just as good as those of the Wii or Xbox360; both of which are significantly cheaper.

Microsoft has always REacted when it comes to building console games. For all intents and purposes they're the new kid on the block. That leaves the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii has two controlers per player with gyroscopic capabilities that allow you to play games more actively. For example, swinging the controller as you would a tennis racket to play a tennis game on your console. This seems to be inspired from one of my personal favorite games: Dance Dance Revolution. The more I think about it the more genius an idea it is.

What is great about DDR is that it involves physical activity. As contrary as that sounds for a video game, it works! So I can see how it wasn't too much of a leap for Nintendo to backwards plan based on DDR's success and it wouldn't surprise me if that's exactly where the inspiration for the Wii came from. In addition to being more involving for the player, it turns out these games aren't easy to reproduce because though the software can be reproduced, the experience isn't the same without the hardware interface built for the game. So I'm going to go ahead and say the better console, based on gameplay alone, is the Wii.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Finish Line

I have successfully completed OCS and all that is left is to walk across the stage tomorrow and recieve my commission! I'm really excited about this and feel like I have actually accomplished something big.

I still have my BOLC II class (6 weeks) and my QMOBC class (11 weeks, 2 days) before I get assigned to my permanent duty station, but the threat of being enlisted for my tenure in the Army is gone. Not that I have anything against people who are enlisted, but their lives suck a lot more than officers'.

My permanent duty station is going to be at Ft. Carson, CO! I'm really excited about that because my family lives there and I'm close to most of my friends. This summer will be a happy time for me. It's a busy time for me but I wanted to update all my readers (all 20 of them) on what I'm doing now and what to expect in a few more months.