Alpine Summit

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fieldwork and exams

My final field exercise is coming up and I will be out of contact for about 2 weeks. I should have windows of civilizational contact every 3 or 4 days, but for the most part will be incommunicado. I hear it will be a lot of lying around doing nothing, which kind of stinks because what could take us one week if we barely busted our butts, is taking two weeks with gobs of downtime. Oh well, it'll be like a camping trip more this way I guess.

My evaluations will take place during this field exercise and I will be graded on how well I lead during a squad attack and breaking contact. This means I will be doing some studying this weekend and getting my thoughts organized for the briefing I have to give. They are more concerned about how well you brief and lead during the operation and don't much care if you do the tactical stuff wrong. After all, they're evaluating leadership, not combat proficiency. Keep that in mind to those of you yet to come here.

In other news, I read today during my rare and valuable downtime that there is a protest at a college over the new president.

Gallaudet University students blocked access to campus for a second day Thursday, escalating their protest against an incoming president they say lacks the skills to lead the nation's only liberal arts university for the deaf and hearing impaired.

Just what skills does this president lack that has these students up in arms?

Fernandes has said some people do not consider her "deaf enough" to be president. She was born deaf but grew up speaking and did not learn American Sign Language until she was 23. Those who are against her presidency say she is an unsuitable choice for other reasons.

This school is for deaf and blind students who don't want their disabilities to limit their intellectual growth. However, they are more than willing to want to deny a person her job of being president because she "isn't deaf enough."

First of all, what is "deaf enough?" Also, as a liberal arts college, what ever happened to judging someone on the content of their character and not the color of their skin (yes, I know--we're talking disabilities not race, but the underlying concept is the same)? Maybe if they spent more time learning about MLK and others like him, they wouldn't be so elitist when it came to their new president.