Alpine Summit

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Paying the Price of Families

Massachusetts state Senators are proposing a bill that would force employers to pay their employees for a 12 week vacation every year. This is not a good idea, and only bolsters the view that liberal viewpoints are completely illiterate with regard to economics and free markets. The bill itself is here.

If an employer has to pay 12 weeks worth of wages with no reward for themselves, then they are going to hire single people since they will work for those 12 weeks. Not only that, but it doesn't violate title VII for an employer to ask if someone has a family. So instead of having working families that don't see each other very often, you will instead have unemployed families living in poverty becoming even more dependent on the welfare state to live. To liberals, I guess, that's a good thing.

If companies had to hire family members, then they would raise their prices and make everything more expensive to compensate for the money they are paying that isn't generating revenue. This means the cost of living will go up when you take this in the aggregate. This is just a bad law on all levels and will help very few people (if anybody), and hurt many more.

France is in such a dismal situation (partly) because of its constant stroking of a welfare state. Massachusetts' own welfare state is putting them in the same situation. Pretty soon you will have a government trying to support a state full of an unproductive population. This is what Communist Russia had to deal with, what France (and other European countries) is dealing with, and it has never worked.