Alpine Summit

Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Take on the Da Vinci Code

Well from what I've been reading, most people didn't like the movie. I, on the other hand, enjoyed it quite a bit. It was very true to the book though cut corners in some places. The girlfriend didn't like this part of the movie because it wasn't as suspensful. Also, that only one cryptex was used instead of the two mentioned in the book was also a bad mark on the film. Given that the movie is already about 2.5 hours long, I was willing to accept some cut corners and artistic license on the part of Ron Howard.

Though I still don't see Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, I thought he did a great job in this role. Audrey Tautou was more or less what I pictured as Sophie, and Ian McKellan was a bit thinner than I imagined Teabing to be in the book. The cast was great though and, despite the bad casting of Langdon, I thought the movie was well-done.

Seeing this movie really took away a lot of the aura of fact in which many claim "The Da Vinci Code" to be steeped. I was more reminded of "National Treasure" and the overall adventure story and riddle-solving associated with that, and less emphasis on trying to pass off the things stated as actual fact. Overall, a fun movie that stayed quite true to the book and certainly a good movie to see.