Alpine Summit

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I've Had It

Michelle Malkin reports on something I absolutely cannot fathom: our own government is providing Mexico with information regarding the where and when of the minuteman project. Drugs, illegal immigrants, and loss of cultural identity are all major issues that can be easily solved if we took a better stance against people crossing our borders without our permission.

Now it turns out that the Border Patrol is officially providing intelligence to the Mexicans to presumably know where not to be when violating our sovereignty. Not only that, but lower-level border patrol members are told by their higher-ups, among other things, not to respond to the minutemen! Considering this is a federal agency, I can't help but think the Bush administration is behind this somehow.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman confirmed the notification process, describing it as a standard procedure meant to reassure the Mexican government that migrants' rights are being observed.

Liberals hate Bush because he's Hitler, or stupid, or whatever; and conservatives hate him because of his bowing to Mexico, his horrible economic policies, and other bowing to popular forces. As John Derbyshire says, "this is the last straw." Being criminally negligent makes me unhappy about "my" party, but being criminally complicit infuriates me--especially when MY government cares more for the "rights" of illegal immigrants than it does my own. What the hell is the point of even having a border patrol anymore? I would feel supremely betrayed if I were one of the border patrol right now. Here, I was tasked with a job of protecting the borders, and the people who hired me are doing everything to make me ineffective.

If I didn't think the Democrats would simply win through having a split vote, I would certainly vote for a Conservative party. There seem to be none in Washingtion these days.