Alpine Summit

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Abortion Issue Continues

Bear Hour posts a response to a Missouri abortion group that is whining that the govenor wants to stop abortions. It's pretty well done, and reminded me of my own experience with those calling me "anti-choice."

I wrote a letter regarding the moral reprehensibility of abortion in response to, I believe, the Women's Action Network on campus. In their initial letter to which I was responding, they referred to people opposed to abortion as "anti-choice." In my letter, I referred to THEM as "anti-life," needless to say the editors of the student paper decided to "tweak" my letter and wrote something along the lines of "those who value the choice of the mother over the right of the baby." It just goes to show that emphasizing a conotation that makes a moral position "negative" is okay while emphasizing a conotation that makes immoral (read: "liberal") position "negative" isn't.

Anyway, read bear hour's response. It is well written and makes some good points.