Alpine Summit

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tolerance of the Intolerant

So there is a discussion of intolerance of gays among Christians at James' blog: "Letters from the Sanitarium," which I found while playing around the internet. I find he seems to be intolerant of the viewpoints of those Christians who judge others. Not to say that those people's views are right, but tolerance for all means tolerance for all... which would include the intolerant. This just shows the problem when a person thinks all views are equally valid. You can't criticize such viewpoints (intolerant ones, that is) without becoming a hypocrite. I especially enjoyed this line:

The scary thing too is that I live in a part of Colorado that isn't far from Laramie, Wyoming. A city where the infamous beating and killing of gay student Matthew Shepard from the University of Wyo. took place.

Using Laramie as a reason to "be scared" is not really valid. In fact, I have not been to a more accepting or open place towards gays. Maybe the time I went to San Francisco for vacation, but even then, I didn't see much gay activity. Granted there are those who don't like homosexuality, but I have yet to find a person who hates gay people for being gay. Also, the Matthew Shepard thing was a drug deal gone bad which was turned into a straight-on-gay hate crime by the media (and Fred Phelps). Not only that, but his death sparked a weeklong symposium each year called the "Shepard Symposium on Social Justice." Which I believe is sponsored by the University. So trust me James, you have nothing to fear from us sheep herders! :)

One more thing: "Brokeback Mountain" was perhaps "groundbreaking" as James says, but its content promoted immorality. Forgetting the gay thing for a moment, it still advocated hedonism and "doing what feels good" over fidelity and devotion to family. How fair was it to the wives having to play second fiddle to their husband's other lover? Is that devotion?