Alpine Summit

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

They Get More Creative

A couple in Iowa filed an obituary on their own son in order to get a day off from work. The punchline is that their zombie son was spotted a few days later at a restaurant by people who know the family. I guess they figured simply calling in sick themselves wasn't enough... after all, everyone does that ("what is this world coming to?!")and who would believe them when so many people lie about that sort of thing?

It just goes to show that the human mind will find a solution to any problem regardless of the constraints. At least they didn't try to kill their son in order to keep it "legal." I guess this is what you call a "victimless crime," but now the paper has to print a retraction meaning less space for legitimate news/obits, or ad space cutting into their bottom line. Also, people who bought things for the mourning family are out whatever they spent. Not to mention making light of an obviously serious matter. I'm not saying throw the book at these people, but the state is definitely right in charging them with a crime.