Alpine Summit

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Starting What Can't Be Finished

Reading about the alleged rape of a 27 year old stripper, it comes to mind that the motto I most closely live my life by would have saved all these people a whole lot of trouble: don't start nothing, won't be nothing. I realize the grammar isn't entirely correct, but I find it to be sound advice.

You can argue the morality of these kinds of things, and I'm going to sound like a Bible-thumper here, but I find that applying the moral principles of the Bible to your life will prevent you from doing stupid things. I'm not saying her attackers aren't to blame for this--they are. But had she not even been stripping, or in other words, overtly enticing them for ridiculous amounts of money, this probably would not have happened to her. Of course on the flip side of that, had the boys not hired a stripper, the situation would have been completely avoided as well.

So perhaps this should be a lesson to girls thinking about taking up this profession--or guys thinking about hiring a stripper. I realize the money is good, but is it worth the risk you run? The reason I have never been arrested for anything is because I refuse to put myself in a situation where that could happen. Living above reproach does have its advantages.