Alpine Summit

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Silent Hill

I got back from seeing "Silent Hill" and thought to comment on an aspect of the movie I thought was interesting regarding God and salvation. Please be warned, I let spill some spoilers so don't read this if you plan on seeing the movie.

Throughout the movie, we see background images of Biblical verses, latin phrases testifying to God's glory, and Christian symbols. I found it quite ironic, because in the movie, we meet a group of people who are uber-devout Christians stuck in this hellish place of Silent Hill. It turns out they burned witches and, as a result of a failed burning in the 1970's, were plunged into the hell of the 9 year old girl they had failed to burn to death.

The girl began to despise the entire town for what they had done and eventually a demon (whom I believe was the devil) came and made a deal to give the girl her revenge on the town. What is interesting is that this group of people praising and praying to God were in the same place as this girl who hated and tormented them.

Burning people at the stake is taking the place of God by judging and punishing others. What they were in hell for, in my opinion, was that they refused to admit that they were sinning against God, and that they had broken His law. That's only half the equation though since everyone sins. What distinguished the citizens of Silent Hill was that they refused to accept that they had done wrong by judging others and refused to repent. In the end, the girl receives the revenge she wanted so badly from the beginning, and the "faithful" receive the reward they so deserved. All the while, God was nowhere to be found.

What I did see as interesting was that these two sides: the girl and the townspeople, were diametrically opposed and yet in the same place spiritually because they both hated each other. It really speaks to patience and forgiveness for your fellow man and how hating those who have wronged you may mean you spend the rest of eternity with them.