Alpine Summit

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

On Invasion

Has anybody else noticed the type of coverage this pro-open borders protest has received by the MSM? Two things that have been glaring for me are the characterizations that these people are pro-immigration and implying that those they are protesting against are anti-immigration. In addition, the pictures put out depicting this group as Americans. Not to mention this idea that not all are criminals.

First off, they are not Americans. They are Mexicans who are in America illegally. If they are in love with this country so much, they need to be working to get legal status. As it stands, they are all criminals and have no business here. I see this as a blatant security issue, and as such should be dealt with accordingly: build a wall and patrol it with the national guard. Also, people opposed to this group are not anti-immigration, they're anti-illegal immigration. It's a very distinct difference.

Second, they see anyone opposed to them as "anti-foreigners." The issue here is the legality of these people's being here and the security threat they pose. Considering they care nothing for our laws or sovereignty, why should we be accomodating them? Again, I'm all for immigrants who come here legally and respect this country for the land of opportunity that it is, but those who would come here for the benefits of this country demanding we keep them from having any responsibilities, can go back to Mexico. The pictures the MSM show regarding this are in stark contrast to other pictures I would imagine are far more prevalent (See: Michelle Malkin).

I wonder when illegal immigrants thought they could have any kind of say in our political/legal process when their being here is a blatant disregard for both? In addition to keeping potential illegals (as well as terrorrists trying to get into the country) at bay in Mexico with a wall, we should be putting pressure on our businesses to refuse hiring any illegal immigrants. In other words, make the cost of hiring an illegal immigrant so high, that the business owner would not be willing to take such a chance (say, a mandatory 5 year sentence per infraction and seisure of all company property to be auctioned off). Not only does this give the people in Mexico nothing to come for, it shuts doors for those who are already here and encourages them to either become legal, or move back to Mexico.

Make no mistake--this issue needs to be dealt with, and dealt with strongly.