Alpine Summit

Monday, April 17, 2006

High Wire

Blackfive has started a milblog wire service. It's a whole lot of awesome reading on all the positive stories nobody is hearing about from the MSM. This seems to be an effort to provide papers and other news sources with more balanced coverage of the war in Iraq. As Blackfive says, the MSM wire reporters aren't really doing their jobs.

The reporters sit in hotels in the Green Zone making no effort to cover stories in the majority of the country where people are living happy and free. They wait for the next explosion and send a stringer out to ask for a body count, then fire off a dispatch about the increasing violence.

So now I'm going to add the milblogger wire to my blogroll since it will be a cold day in Iraq before I hear about what good our troops are doing. This is certainly a lofty purpose and I wish them all the best of luck as their second job as freelance reporters.