Alpine Summit

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Celebrating an Anniversary

Michelle Malkin reminds us of an iconic moment in 1976 when two hippies tried burning an American flag at a baseball game.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Monday's act, the Los Angeles Dodgers will recognize him on Sunday, April 23 with a video tribute. He'll also throw out the first ceremonial pitch. The The Washington Post has a nice write-up.

It's pretty interesting that nobody knows or cares about who the hippies were--or why they wanted to burn the flag. Just some food for thought for the liberals.

It wasn't that the guy simply rescued a piece of fabric from being burned, he rescued the symbol of this nation. A symbol that is the envy of nations and synonymous with "freedom." It's a symbol that has been bought and paid for in the blood of those who stood up and refused to allow liberty to die.

I think the picture itself is iconic. How appropriate is it that the "average citizen" stepped up to rescue the nation from the clutches of those who posess its very freedoms, but wish to destroy them?