Alpine Summit

Monday, April 10, 2006

Case Closed

Captain's quarters did a little independent research into a letter that has surfaced in Iraq. What it says is that Saddam was actively recruiting suicide bombers to attack not just Israel, but also the United States. His conclusion is that this is "case closed" on the whole "Bush lied, children died" argument. I tend to agree, though I was pretty much convinced when they found all the weapons he wasn't supposed to have after the invasion. The most notable of these weapons being the al Samoud II missles and the UAV prototypes. The UAVs being legal, but impossible to build without components forbidden to Saddam--so technically illegal.

I doubt this will have much impact on the people more concerned with hating Bush and America than caring about the truth behind Saddam's plans and the fact that invading Iraq was a move to strategically secure the United States in the GWOT.