Alpine Summit

Friday, April 28, 2006

AIDS Amazing!

I am absolutely surprised by these recent findings about the spread of AIDS.

Halperin said he and his colleagues discovered that regular sex partners rarely use condoms, and abstinence merely delays HIV infection among young people by one or two years. For example, condom use in Ghana and Senegal seems to have helped in the reduction of the spread of the HIV, which in those countries is particularly prevalent among commercial sex workers and their partners. However, condom use in South Africa and Botswana has had little effect in reducing those countries' HIV epidemics -- which have reached the general population -- because regular sex partners rarely use condoms consistently. In comparison, faithfulness to one partner has worked at reducing HIV prevalence in Uganda and Kenya, according to Halperin.

So, AIDS is less prevalent among groups of people who don't put themselves in the situation to contract the virus... wow. This is shocking and absolutely counter-intuitive to how one would think a virus that is spread predominantly through immoral acts behaves.