Alpine Summit

Saturday, March 18, 2006

VDH is the MAN

I wonder if it's too late to have him come speak at my graduation? Probably. Every week this man wows me with his insight into international politics and American foreign policy. This week he discusses the finer points of why Europe sucks. Mor specifically, he talks about their hypocricy. I particularly liked his description of Europe vs. America's situation.

The powerful don't care as much to dress up their omnipotence with utopian affectations; the weaker, in lieu of military strength, have only such pretensions. And note how America's forging of closer ties with Japan, Australia, and India somehow does not meet European requisites of "multilateralism" — a neologism for deference to Europe.

It's easy for people to sit in an arm chair and dictate to the world how they think things should be based on academic exercises of "fairness" and whatnot, but it's a far different thing for those same people to actually act on those beliefs in the real world. Also, note the arrogance of the Europeans that we should care what they think when their relevance in the world doesn't exist.

If a group of people are not willing to take a stand for any code of moral values
or stand up for--let alone state--core principles other than "I disagree with America," then what point is there to listen to them or their perspectives? Even terrorists have a set or moral values and principles, and their effect in the world has been felt, as perverted as their views are.