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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Steyn Hits the Nail on the Head

Mark Steyn wrote a great column regarding the Abdul Rahman story. He draws some conclusions about Islam overall using Rahman's story as an example. His finest statement was this.

Abdul Rahman embodies the question at the heart of this struggle: If Islam is a religion one can only convert to, not from, then in the long run it is a threat to every free person on the planet.

Steyn also mentions how the Quran teaches that it is incumbent on its adherents to "command and forbid." In other words: force their religion on others. Read the whole thing, he makes a lot of good points. (via: Michelle Malkin)

I believe Steyn got this completely right. The thing about Islam is that it is set up to only grow. Further than that, it is set up to grow by any means possible. This has less to do with God (as Muslims claim) and more to do with the violent and militaristic nature of its foundational beliefs.