Alpine Summit

Monday, March 06, 2006

Muslim Evangelism

A UNC-Chapel Hill graduate decided he would try killing students of his alma mater for (suprise!) Allah. He's openly admitting to wanting to kill for God and people aren't calling this terrorism. I'm not sure about you, but trying to kill people is not a good way to convince them of the superiority of your ideas.

The idea also goes for those Christian evangelists who go out saying "you are going to burn in hell, sinner," while completely neglecting the doctrine of God's grace through Christ.

Another thing I thought about is how is our country is distinguishing between a terrorist and a criminal? I mean, serial killers usually have no other goal than to feed their own delusions while a terrorist usually has some religious or political objective in mind... but they, like terrorists, go around killing lots of innocent people--or at least try to do that. So if a serial killer isn't a terrorist, but this guy is, where does our legal system draw the line? I've wondered this for a while now because if the definition is too broad, we could have people who speed be classified as terrorists, but if it's too narrow nobody will fall under the definition "terrorist," and the whole thing as a legal concept won't mean anything.