Alpine Summit

Thursday, March 02, 2006

It Happens to the Best of Us

As teachers are fond of pointing out--especially my mom--don't rely on spell check because computers are stupid. Case in point. He has earned our mocking and we should rightly mock him for doing what is drilled into college freshmen as being a bad thing. HOWEVER, we must also remember that such things happen to us all the time and should be just as good-natured about taking the criticism as we are giving it when it happens to us.

I'm pretty sure that while law as an academic endeavor is fun, enjoyable and compelling, its process is quite dull, boring and uninteresting. I know this because I've read contracts before. Just read any liability statements or the fine print on car commercials (if it's on long enough) and try to tell me you don't need a nap after that stuff! Anyway, some "mild ribbing" would seem to be a good way to keep good-natured about a boring, but necessary, process. Also, it's to law's discredit he had to file a reply brief telling the court to consider "sea sponge" as sua sponte.