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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Skipping the Oscars Tonight

The reason is fairly simple: I'm sick of people in Hollywood heaping praise on movies that are just slightly below the category of pond scum. Drudge linked to a Reuter's story that "Brokeback Mountain" is the favorite to win many awards this year. Apparently, I'm not the only one to notice this, either.

The gay cowboys of "Brokeback Mountain" lassoed the best feature prize at the Independent Spirit Awards, the art-house world's equivalent of the Oscars, on Saturday, a day before the picture competes for a leading eight honors at the Academy Awards.

Why people are so willing to praise movies like this one that promote immorality, I will never understand. I don't even have a problem that these guys are Gay butt-pounders, but I do have an issue with their erotic love outside of their marriage to their wives. This film basically says "do what feels good, even if it seems wrong." In other words: "even if feeling good hurts the ones you're already lying to, and who legitimately love you, do it anyway." What a great moral lesson that couldn't possibly have any repercussions later on in real life. Ratings for the Oscars has been going down since "Titanic" where they had the highest audience ever and is it any wonder?

One thing I think Hollywood would be very slow to admit is that movies that promote Christian values or themes ("Passion," "Narnia," etc.) are the highest grossing films per invested dollar than the crap they continually try to ram down the public's throat regarding moral relativism and anti-Americanism ("Brokeback Mountain," "Syriana.