Alpine Summit

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal Immigrants and Their "Rights"

Michelle Malkin is following this story pretty closely. Passing a bill that would make illegal immigration... well, illegal, is being protested by (you guessed it) illegal immigrants. Since when were we giving any consideration for lawmaking based on the desires of those who care nothing for our laws? Not only that, but those who can't even vote!? I think the cops should be running nets at these protests and just start arresting people on suspicion of illegal immigration. I know it sounds Orwellian, but seriously, it's where they're going to be found.

Also, it isn't just that they didn't care about our laws to begin with, it's that they still don't. Not only THAT, but they hate this country (the country they were desperate to enter in the first place I might add). Just look at this picture taken in southern California:

Disgusting. Why would we even consider amnesty as an option for these people? They don't respect our laws, our borders, our customs, our language, or us as a people. They spit in our face then ask us for jobs. I realize not all are like these protestors, but I have little more respect for them since they still didn't care about our sovereignty to begin with. Such blatant and overt hatred for this country while at the same time wanting to gain benefits from it reprehensible and hypocritical.