Alpine Summit

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I Have A Question

Do you suppose Victor Hanson ever gets sick of being right all the time? I actually haven't been keeping up with his papers lately, but came across this one and (like almost all of his papers) it was a home-run. He again says what I think with the words I can't seem to find.

Whatever the sordid or brutal motives and actions of the Crusaders, they were still for the most part driven by a spiritual imperative to restore the Holy Land to the Christian civilization that had defined the Middle East for six centuries before being violently transformed by the armies of Allah. For the most aggressively imperialistic culture in the history of the world to whine now about Western imperialism — and be taken seriously by Westerners — testifies to the intellectual corruption endemic in the West.

The whole thing is absolute gold. It really is worth wondering: what is worth killing and dying for? Personally, I would be willing to die if it meant irradicating Islam from the face of the Earth. Not because I want to die, but because its influence has led to so much pain and suffering for humanity since its inception that it can only be inspired by the devil. I know this sounds like I'm some ignorant "simple" Christian fundie, but I truly believe this.

I am not saying that open hostile war is the answer. I'm simply saying that to die for the cause of eliminating this religion would be a noble death. Whether that's being beheaded for witnessing, or otherwise.

I think there are many in the west who need to reevaluate their convictions and what they believe if they ever hope to understand the level of evil and determination among militant Muslims.