Alpine Summit

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Army Update

I will be leaving for Denver tomorrow morning to finally go to my board review. I will be discussing my suitability with the Army with a panel of 3 officers who will make a recommendation to the convening authority on whether or not I should be an officer in the United States Army.

I had a chance to talk to a Captain (who also went to UW) about the process and what to expect. It was quite informative and pretty much what I expected. Basically, they are looking for people who aren't just in it for themselves... people who can be trusted with soldier's lives. They also aren't looking for "cheesy answers" like "I've always wanted to be an Army officer since I was 12." There is such a thing as a BS meter, and that is the sort of thing that sets it off.

Anyway, I just learned about this Tuesday afternoon and had to ramp up my homework schedule to get everything done in time since next week is spring break. I can't say I'm happy about the short notice, but I'm dealing with it. Sometimes situations call for improvisation. After this Thursday/Friday thing, I will be going to visit the parental units and introduce them to the girlfriend (she's pretty excited about it). As a result, I will probably not be posting until AT LEAST Monday... possibly later. I'll give a debriefing of how the interview went. It will be nice to know up or down if the Army is going to work out--it's been a pretty long wait.