Alpine Summit

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Aborting Abortions

So they banned abortions in South Dakota and, of course, the anti-life (a.k.a. "pro-choice") crowd is upset. I think this is interesting because my own view on abortion is that they should be legal only because a determined woman is going to get it done and I would rather at least one person survive--even if it is a murderer--than both die in some back alley with a coat hanger. That said, women who have this done will get no comfort from me for doing such a thing because it is still wrong.

If this law is upheld by the Supreme Court, and it WILL get there mark my words, it will present an interesting experiment to see if it actually does curb the number of abortions. My guess is women will simply go to another state to have them done; however, it's nice to see a state take a moral stand on the side of life.

This is a chance for the Supreme Court to uphold the tenth amendment and affirm South Dakota's law as constitutional; unlike Roe v. Wade, which has never had constitutional ground on which to stand.