Alpine Summit

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Abdul Rahman Disappears

Abdul Rahman was released from prison due to lack of evidence against him. Not exactly a glowing endorsement for freedom of religion, but the ends are the same, so I guess it's okay.

However, he has now apparently disappeared and was last seen with his family. It seems likely that he is dead given the "peaceful" nature of his Islamic family toward him. I pray he isn't, but I think he is.

Also, more Christians are being persecuted in Afghanistan. Be sure to pray for them, too. You would think that if people truly belived in a religion, its adherents would welcome criticism for the sake of proving us infidels wrong or finding the truth about God rather than trying to simply kill anyone who opposes their viewpoint. Further, you would think God wouldn't be so insecure about what people thought about Him that he would command His followers to kill dissenters.