Alpine Summit

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Women in Leadership

In all my years at UW, I have NEVER come across a "Men's Leadership" conference. Perhaps there have been some, but I have never seen them. This is an example of gender discrimination at universities and I know it isn't just at my college, either. I'm curious to know why men are not afforded the same "conference?" This is especially pertinent given recent enrollment numbers by gender to higher institutions of learning. Something like 60% of college students are female and the gap is widening. Ann Althouse has blogged about this before.

I suppose these things were started to help females compete on equal footing as males in the higher areas of our society, but are they still (or were they ever) necessary now that women are the majority? I argue no, and believe these types of conferences are discriminatory. I'm okay with a "separate but equal" stance on this particular instance, but a "women only" view is wrong.