Alpine Summit

Monday, February 13, 2006

Saddam: "I am Still In Charge!"

I wanted to relate an exchange I had with an aged liberal on Friday. I went to a coffee gathering put on for international students and met this guy named Dave. He made a wisecrack about "current presidents and the embarassing things they say," implying of course that Bush is not a good speaker. Well being ever so quick on my feet, I shot back with: "yeah, like Saddam Hussein saying he's still in charge of Iraq, haha!" He shut up after that and I smiled at yet another small victory over the idiots.

To drive this point home, Saddam was back in the courtroom trying to control things and as usual, being told to shut up and sit down.

Amid threats of a continued boycott, the chief prosecutor had asked new chief judge, Raouf Abdul Rahman, to bring Saddam Hussein and his co-defendants to the Baghdad court by force if necessary.

On entering court, Saddam Hussein said: "They have forcibly brought me here."

He told the judge: "Exercise your right to try me in absentia. Are you trying to overcome your own smallness?"

It's just classic. I think it's also a point to once again thank Bush, America's allies, and above all the soldiers of America who have carried the greatest weight in Iraq for turning a murderous dictator persuing WMDs into a whining child throwing a tantrum and showing the world the senile old man Hussein truly is.