Alpine Summit

Monday, February 27, 2006

Moonbats At It Again

These people are absolutely insane. United for Peace and Justice, a leftist group interestd in neither, is going to "storm the White House."

It is our duty and the duty of the United Nations to rescue the people of the world from the U.S. dictators. Murder for occupation and theft of land is illegal. Murder of journalists is criminal. Remove the traitors who have stolen the U.S. budget and used it to commit international crimes against humanity.

Aside from calling for insurrection and treason (IMO), they have this little gem:

The Political Cooperative will put a new, temporary government in place that is comprised of people from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and all the organizations that have finally made us aware of the truth of the savage practices and illegal policies of our government in assassinating our own officials as well as people throughout the world who oppose their criminal activity. We need all of you to save U.S. victims and global victims from their ongoing criminal activity. We are calling on the military, police, citizens and religious organizations to stand with us and help us to bring democracy back to the United States and by doing so, free the world from the wrath, occupation, theft, torture, blackmail and assassination by the Criminals in the United States Government.

"Promote democracy! Help us arbitrarilly install our own unelected government based on run-on sentences!" This is what Michelle Malkin refers to as "Unhinged." Oddly enough, it's a full moon that evening too. Coincidence?