Alpine Summit

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Merch March

Penny-Arcade, a gaming webcomic, has a comic about Annarchy: Tycho's niece. The backstory is that Tycho helped his niece break out of her house after her parents refuse to let her go to a gaming competition because she is an exceptional gamer--a rarity among the female species. The problem arose when during her taking crap for her pink computer case with a pony and rainbow on it, a guy comes to her defense, Galahad, and it was love at first sight. Tycho wasn't happy because Annarchy's eyes were focused on Galahad and not her computer where they should be. The story last ended with Ann kissing Galahad. I said all that because the humor of this comic would be lost if you did not know the backstory.

However, that is not my primary concern (even though I just spent the last 10 minutes linking to the comic). As I read this particular comic, I couldn't help but think Gabe (Tycho's partner in drawing crime) and Tycho are introducing yet another piece of themselves available to YOU at the low price of $20! Ann is already wearing the "Merch" shirt... perhaps an implicit advertisement? I love capitalism, but those two are whores. Of course I say that with jealousy in my heart. That, and I would seriously consider buying one for myself... and I don't even have a niece! Whores.