Alpine Summit

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How Retarded Does the Media Think We Are?

What has been the media's reaction to Cheney's shooting his friend? It has been one of asking about a cover-up. Because Cheney's first phone call wasn't to CNN and the AP, the reporters are wondering about a cover-up by Cheney. When I read this story about what happened, I just shake my head.

Vice President Dick Cheney, facing criticism over how he handled the disclosure of a weekend hunting accident, is scheduled to make his first public comments about the incident today in a television interview.

Where was the criticism coming from? It was coming from THE REPORTERS. This is yet another example of the media manufacturing a story in order to criticize the President. How can they possibly think we consider them "objective" in their reporting after something like this? I understand and accept that it is impossible to be entirely "objective," but this goes far beyond human error and right into political advocacy.

As one would expect, the Democrats are trying to follow the "issue" the media has manufactured for them and milk it for political capital. Hillary is "troubled" in case you were wondering.