Alpine Summit

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gun Control and Media Bias

I was surfing around the blogosphere and came across Alphecca who linked this story about a proposed CCW permit bill in question in the state legislature of Wisconsin. The larger post is about media bias regarding guns in general and looks a several examples. Other than the fact that the reporter gave the anti-gun politician carte blanch in this blatantly one-sided piece, there is this quote:

With a requirement that businesses post signs prohibiting guns in their stores, there is a potential loss to businesses as well.

“This bill forces them to pay the cost of a sign, and possibly face intimidation from those who won’t do business because they are not allowed to carry a weapon into that business,” he said.

How many people (or business owners) feel intimidated by people who don't want anything to do with them? I'm guessing not many. That's the nature of capitalism, folks. If you don't like the business practices of someone, you don't have to patronize them. It's a business' choice to not allow me to carry a gun into their store, but it's my choice not to patronize that store.

I only wish that other issues in today's political climate were as much of a slam dunk regarding constitutional rights as gun ownership is.