Alpine Summit

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Forcing Wal-Mart's Hand

Wal-Mart has been forced to carry the morning after pill in its pharmacies in Massachusetts because the state's pharmacy oversight board says so. I can't believe how socialist this is! Wal-Mart CHOOSES the products it wishes to take financial risks on buying--not governments.

I imagine the reason Wal-Mart is being forced to do this is because they're a corporation and those lefties can't in good concience side with freedom when freedom is on the side of the corporation versus the "little guy." The fact that the issue revolves around an contraceptive makes the whole thing a slam dunk for them. When Wal-Mart buys this drug then doesn't turn a profit, who's going to pay for their loss? This board is forcing Wal-Mart to take risks it isn't willing to take and as a result, Wal-Mart will most likely try and revover its losses through other products which means added cost for many for the sake of the few; which of course, is the entire dogma of the left.

If anyone thinks this is justified or "okay," I would really like for them to explain to me how forcing the hand of anybody promotes freedom?